PB Products Shot on the Hook rig

SKU: 8717524250812
PB Products Shot on the Hook rig - taskers-angling

PB Products Shot on the Hook rig

SKU: 8717524250812
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The Shot-on the Hook rig has an underline with an extra weight on the hook. As a result, the hook tip falls down much faster and more aggressively so that the hook pricks faster and also better. The Shot-on the Hook Rig is a means of catching more

fish, especially on waters where the carp are familiar with the whip.




In addition, a pop-up presentation can also be offered completely differently due to this extra weight on the tip. The hook position can be much sharper here thanks to

the Shot-on the hook bead. This Rig is knotted with Jelly Wire 25lb and has the

very good Anti Eject hook with mounted Long Shank Aligner. A Shot-on the hook bead is mounted on the hook bend. Of course, this bottom line of a Speed Swivel 8 in

combination with the Anti Tangle Sleeve is also provided. This rig is a godsend for dressage waters!


The color indication of the Shot-on the Hook Rig packaging is GREEN



-Jelly Wire 25lb

-Shot-on the Hook Bead

-Anti Eject Hook

-Long Shank Aligner

-Speed Swivel 8

-Anti Tangle Sleeve

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