Petzl Headtorch Nao+ 750lm

SKU: 3342540105911
Petzl Headtorch Nao+ 750lm - taskers-angling

Petzl Headtorch Nao+ 750lm

SKU: 3342540105911
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NAO® +

Ultra-powerful, multi-beam, rechargeable headlamp that is programmable, thanks to the MyPetzl Light app. Features REACTIVE LIGHTING technology that automatically adapts light intensity to user needs. 750 lumens


With 750 lumens of power, NAO + sets the standard for challenging night activities! It is intelligent, programmable, and entirely devoted to performance. Thanks to the MyPetzl Light mobile app, athletes can consult their smartphone or tablet in real time to check remaining burn time, and adjust headlamp performance accordingly. Users simply download the profiles provided or create their own personalized ones. During activity, with REACTIVE LIGHTING technology, NAO + analyzes ambient light and instantly adjusts the brightness to the needs of the athlete. With energy optimized and manipulations reduced to a minimum, the athlete can concentrate on the activity!


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