PikePro Bobber

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PikePro Bobber

SKU: 5060134299836
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PikePro Bobber - taskers-angling

PikePro have spent over twelve months looking at the design and manufacture of pike floats in a bid to produce floats which not only offer excellent performance but great value too. Eventually they came across a high-impact plast which could be moulded to the exact tolerances needed. It then took several more months to perfect a technique for creating a true fluoro-orange colour and to perfect the construction of each float.

If they had known at the beginning just how difficult these floats were going to be to design and build then they would probably have not started the project, but now that it is finished they are justifiably proud of just how good these floats are.
Product Usage:
Especially useful when fishing shallow venues. With maximum buoyancy for its size the Bobber makes a great float for fishing in turbulent rivers and weir pools where the design will not be dragged under easily by the current.

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