Pikepro Cool Bag

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Pikepro Cool Bag - taskers-angling

Pikepro Cool Bag

SKU: 5060134292301
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This is the ultimate cool bag for the pike, sea or carp angler. While there are many cool bags on the market for anglers, few of them can accommodate long deadbaits like whole Lamprey, Bluey and Herring. The PikePro Cool Bag was designed specifically for that purpose.

Volume Adjustment for Reducing Gaps of Air

PikePro has experience handling hundreds of tonnes of frozen products and shipping them all over the world, so they know that removing space from between the baits is essential to keep them frozen for longer. That’s why they designed a unique volume-adjustment system, enabling you to reduce the internal size of the cool bag. By tightening the tensions straps, you can eliminate air-gaps and keep baits frozen for longer.

Foam and Foil Lining to Tackle Every Source of Heat

The PikePro Cool Bag uses a dual foam and foil insulation system. The thick foam insulates the inside of the bag, reducing your bait’s exposure to hot air. The foil lining reflects radiation, so the cool bag is less vulnerable to sunlight. Without the foam, this cool bag would conduct heat and without the foil lining, sunlight could spoil the bait inside very quickly.

How to Use the PikePro Cool Bag

After loading the bag with bait, zip it closed and then tighten the three tension straps to remove any remaining space inside it. When removing baits, always open the bag for the smallest amount of time possible, then close and re-tension quickly.



  • Designed for long deadbaits, such as whole Lamprey, Bluey and Herring

  • Dual foam and foil insulation system

  • Three tension straps to reduce internal space

  • Extra strong zip opening

  • Strong carry handle

  • 5kg carrying capacity

  • Dimensions: 40cm x 20cm x 20cm (15.7 x 7.9 x 7.9 inches)

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