PikePro Hard Beads (pk of 30)

SKU: 5060134291434
PikePro Hard Beads (pk of 50) - taskers-angling

PikePro Hard Beads (pk of 30)

SKU: 5060134291434
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With a multitude of uses these 5mm diameter hard beads will find a permanent place in every pike anglers tackle box. Specifically designed with a small bore that slides cleanly over braided or nylon main lines, but which is small enough to not ride over stop knots, making these beads ideal for use with sliding float rigs. 

Slide one of these hard beads onto the main line followed by a sliding float. The small bore on the bead is easily stopped by a stop knot tied from nylon line, powergum or elastic above the float.

Pack of 30

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