Prorex XR 2500RA Spinning Reel

SKU: 043178143636
Prorex XR 2500RA Spinning Reel

Prorex XR 2500RA Spinning Reel

SKU: 043178143636
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The Daiwa Prorex XR Spinning Reel has a suite of features which have been designed to maximise your chances of success. Recent advances in braided fishing line mean that the newest products offer high strength with decreased diameter, which provide for less stretch and greater sensitivity. When snagged, braided line is strong enough to withstand the rough treatment sometimes required to retrieve expensive lures and this helps when fighting fish out from heavy cover, too. If looked after well, braided line can have a longer life than monofilament options.


The Prorex XR Spinning Reel’s body is light and rigid, thanks to Daiwa’s HardBodyZ concept. A specialist metal alloy has been precision engineered to produce a durable and strong unit but at a reasonable price point when compared to other reels in its class. This design uses water-tight magnetic oil seals for incredibly low friction as well as the effective prevention of water and corrosive elements from entering through its moving parts. Corrosion-resistant bearings add to the Prorex XR’s all-weather, all-water versatility. Inside the body are Digigear II gears which have been milled to extremely high tolerances for a smooth, long-lasting mechanism that transmits input power efficiently and offers very little internal resistance.


The management of braided line is where this reel comes into its own. Line twist, to which braid can be prone, is reduced by a low-friction Twist Buster II line roller. Also, strong braided line needs a strong rotor – Daiwa has developed the Air Rotor for this, which is lighter than conventional versions and has better stress distribution. This results in reduced vibration, improved rotational balance, and a high capacity for strain.


The weight of braided line needs to be balanced by lower weight rod and reel components and one of these is the XR reel’s Air Bail. Its hollow stainless steel construction has high rigidity with the bare minimum of weight and is so smooth that line slides directly and easily onto the roller without hanging up.


Fighting a large predator into a net requires a reliable drag system and the inclusion of an Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD) system meets this need. ATD reduces spool twist and the spool has greater support across its entire length, meaning that more pressure can be directed to the all-weather carbon fibre discs for less ‘pulsing’ when fighting, providing the angler with better control. Daiwa’s Crosswrap line lay system is also included, which cross wraps the line on the spool to avoid dig and increase pick-up for further casting distances.


The Prorex XR Spinning Reel also comes with Instant Anti-Reverse to eliminate line backplay for increased confidence when converting nibbles and taps into hooks and success. This reel’s low weight and dark good looks are completed by a strong yet light aluminium handle with purple trim and a comfortable EVA knob.


The Daiwa Prorex XR Spinning Reel is a great mid-level spinning reel for pursuing and landing predator fish such as pike and perch with confidence and comfort and it comes in two variants: the 2500RA model has a 190m line capacity for 0.25mm diameter line with a retrieval of 84cm and a low weight of 285g while he larger capacity 3020PEA model has a 190m line capacity of 0.27mm line with a retrieval of 95cm and a weight of 320g. It’s an affordable example of the Daiwa Prorex specialist range of accessible predator fishing gear that’s made to run well and last a long time.

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