RidgeMonkey Orbit Double Tapered Mono Green

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Breaking Strain: 10/35lb
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RidgeMonkey Orbit Double Tapered Mono Green

The RidgeMonkey Tec Orbit Double Tapered Mono is a specialist casting line with an integral tapered shockleader at each end for maximum distance. Monofilliment line is great for extreme range fishing or for venues that have traditional leader bans. The RM-Tapered mono is perfect along with naked chod, snag and zig fishing.


RidgeMonkey has increased the diameter of the leader section so that it is double as a strong for those large specimen that may lunge to your bait and test the strength of your line. This RM-Tec Orbit line is incredibly abrasion-resistant with a buffer that helps to reduce tangles when fishing with fine zig hooklinks.


The sinking monofilament features 5m of high strength followed by 7m of low stretch line. There are three 300m double tapered lengths per spool and easy line is available in three different breaking strains. You can select from 10lb > 35lb, 12lb > 35lb or15lb > 40lb.


RidgeMokey argues that the lines casting qualities are unrivalled. Coming in a subtle green colour, this line sinks discreetly into the murky waters near to fish.

  • Sinking monofilament
  • Unrivalled casting qualities
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low stretch
  • Subtle Green colouration
  • 3x 300m double tapered lengths per spool
  • Available in 3 breaking strains
  • 10lb > 35lb (4.5kg > 15.9kg, 0.28mm > 0.57mm)
  • 12lb > 35lb (5.4kg > 15.9kg, 0.30mm > 0.57mm)
  • 15lb > 40lb (6.8kg > 18.1kg, 0.33mm > 0.60mm)


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