Shimano Bulls Eye 9120

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Shimano Bulls Eye 9120

The Shimano Bull's Eye 9120 is a tough surf reel designed to take on the biggest and meanest fish. With its long cast AR-C Spool and standard Surf/Big pit looks it is easy to think that this is just another excellent Shimano casting reel but look inside an you will see that the Bull's Eye is all about power and performance.

The heart of the reel is the torque laden 3.5:1 Forged Hagan gearing which combines with Shimano's X-Ship system to give you the ability to lay on the power when playing a large fish. The 20kg Front drag allows you to really pile on the pressure and the Aero X-Wrap and AR-C spool take care of the line lay allowing you to make smooth long casts. 5 x S A-RB bearings plus 1 x Roller bearing keep everything smooth.

If you are serious about big fish fishing then the Bull's Eye 9120 is a perfect companion no matter how extreme your fish hunting gets! 

  • Powerful Surf reel
  • Built for tough fish and tough conditions
  • Hi-Torque 3.5:1 Gear Ratio
  • Max Drag: 20kg
  • 5 x S A-RB bearings plus 1 x Roller bearing
  • Hagan Gearing
  • X-Ship
  • Aero X-Wrap
  • AR-C Spool
  • No Twist line roller
  • Spool Size: 76mm Dia / 35mm Stroke
  • Line Capacity: 40lb (0.520mm) - 240m
  • Line Capacity: 48lb (0.570mm) - 200m
  • Braid Capacity: PE8 (45kg) - 200m
  • Braid Capacity: PE10 (55kg) - 170m
  • Recovery 84cm per crank
  • Weight: 540g

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