Shimano Saragosa 10000 SW

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Shimano Saragosa 10000 SW

The Saragosa 10000SW is designed and built for the demands of all saltwater game anglers so it is well up to the heavy tasks likely to be asked of it by UK anglers.

It can be used for heavy jigging from both boat and shore, uptide casting from the boat or overseas lure fishing. Packed with the best Shimano features including X-ship and HD gear, the Saragosa SW also features X-shield waterproof body and drag to protect it from the harsh saltwater environment.

  • Designed and built for the demands of all saltwater game anglers
  •  Rugged saltwater proof heavy lure/jigging reel
  • X Shield water resistance
  • X-Ship aluminium gear
  • Dyna Balance anti wobble system
  • Oversize power roller
  • Propulsion line management system
  • Super stopper II anti-reverse
  • Max Drag – 33lb
  • One piece bail wire
  • Varispeed II oscillating system
  • Fluidrive II gearing system
  • Direct drive mechanism
  • Ratio 4.9:1
  • 5 x Shielded ARB Bearings
  • 1 x Roller bearings
  • Capacity 320yds 16lb mono
  • Capacity 260 yds 50lb power pro braid
  • Weight 24.3oz

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