Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers

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Sticky Baits Krill Floater Hookers


These special floater hookbaits have been designed to perfectly mimic our Krill Floaters. Not only are they Hookable, they can also be hair rigged and or banded, making them extremely user friendly. These baits have also been infused with increased levels of Krill attractors, so much so that they are practically oozing!


When used alongside The Krill Floaters, 11mm in particular, these hookbaits become very hard for the carp to suss, especially when your hook is masked by the bait itself. This is down to the way they have been designed to match The Krill Floaters in size, shape, colour and smell, they truly are the perfect match. Another great attribute of the Floater Hookers is their buoyancy, they sit perfectly within the surface layer just waiting to be engulfed by an unsuspecting carp. This is key as quite often you will find that a bait which is too buoyant will actually hinder your chances of getting a bite. Finally, priced at just £2.99 can you really afford to be without a pot?


-Hookable floater hookbaits

-Can also be hair-rigged or banded

-Oozing with Krill attractors

-Made to mimic The Krill Floaters

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