Sticky Baits Liquid Liver 1ltr

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  • Sticky Baits Liquid Liver 1ltr 


Supplied in our 1L jerry cans, this premium quality, pre-digested Liquid Liver is packed with amino acids, which provoke a strong and often instant feeding response from carp. The attractive qualities of this meaty liquid have been known for many years, but we’ve managed to source a version that’s of the very highest grade. It makes a superb coating for boilies or pellets, which helps to ramp the attractiveness of even the most effective baits.


Aside from its superb nutritional attributes, our Liquid Liver is also supremely soluble, helping to draw fish to your bait from the moment it enters the water.


-Soluble food liquid

-Pre-digested for ultimate pulling power

-Packed with attractive amino aids

-Perfect for coating both boilies and pellets

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