Sunset Commando Power 400(400/800g)



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Sunset Commando Power 400(400/800g)

Length 4.00m (13' 2''0 - Casting 400 - 800gm!!

The Sunset Commando is a continental rod like no other. A glance at the casting rating gives you a clue as to what it is all about. Who could, or would ever need, to cast 800gm is questionable but if you want a powerful easy action rod for casting big sinkers and big baits then the Commando makes an interesting alternative to the classic UK style poker still 'rock' rod.

The 3 piece blank has a stiff tip but maintains a parabolic action which can be loaded surprisingly easily allowing you to make decent casts with a fairly simple casting style. The rods main role is for targeting larger fish in tough conditions and if you stick to more realistic 6oz and 8oz sinkers plus baits you should find the rod well up to the job. If you do decide to try its full casting rating then it may pay to have your chiropractor on speed dial before clipping an 800gm sinker on to your rig!!

  • Length 4.00m (13' 2'')
  • Casting 400/800gm!
  • Optimum real world casting 6oz - 10oz plus bait
  • Ultra powerful beach rod
  • Slim blank
  • 3 Sections
  • Stiff hollow 'power' tip
  • Sea Guide lined guides
  • Screw winch reel seat

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