Thinking Anglers Unhooking Mat

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Thinking Anglers Unhooking Mat

The most important part of carp fishing is looking after the fish we catch! This lightweight, full-protection mat has thick foam base, with a beanie topper, both of which are sealed inside to stop the mat taking on water. The retaining flap attaches around the outside of the mat so even if a fish kicks about, the Velcro cannot come undone. The mat also features a kneeling pad with two pockets for storing essential items of fish-care kit, and a carry strap that’s been designed with the mobile angler in mind.

 Beanie topper
 Foam base
 Wipe-clean base
 Kneeling pad
 Velcro outside
 Pockets for carp-care essentials

Size: L117cm W76cm D10cm

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