Yuki Neox Kenta 450 Continental Surf Rod 4.5m

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Yuki Neox Kenta 450 Continental Surf Rod 4.5m

The Yuki Neox Kenta rod was designed by World Champion David Alcantara. The rod is made from light Modulus Cardbon using advanced technology and it comes with a hybrid tip allowing you to hit the horizon but at the same time register small bites and twitch's. We have used this rod in competitions and found it to have quite a powerful butt and mid section, which gives way to a lovely integrated tip section. A super competition/pleasure rod that can be used for either clean shore fishing or on heavier ground with enough grunt to pump fish like codling out of the weed.

  • 3 piece rod
  • 560g weight
  • action: 100 - 250g
  • Fuji Titanium Low Rider

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