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5 C C Moore Products you can buy with us now

5 C C Moore Products you can buy with us now

Here at Taskers Angling we offer a great selection of C C Moore products that are available for you to buy now. We thought that today we would show off a selection of these to you which you can get your hands on. 


1. C C Moore Bloodworm Floater Pack


Anglers who use fresh or frozen bloodworm in their bait approach know just how effective this can be. This great value bait bundle contains products that present fish with a highly effective bloodworm-based surface bait presentation which will help you catch fish off the top through much more of the year than you think possible. This pack contains: 

  • 2kg Floating Trout Pellets 11mm
  • 10 x Bloodworm Floater Hookbaits 12x14mm
  • 100ml Liquid Bloodworm Compound
  • This pack is supplied in a branded black CC Moore bait bucket


2. C C Moore Pacific Tuna Pellets 1kg 6mm


This is a deep red, naturally attractive boilie that combines soluble fish, milk and vegetable proteins with powerful natural appetite stimulants to create a superb year round big fish bait that the fish can't resist. The custom made pellets contain the same liquid attractor as pacific tuna boilies and paste making them the perfect loose feed pellet for anglers fishing with pacific tuna boilies. 


3. C C Moore Live System Session Pack Bucket


Live system contains high quality proteins, yeasts, bird foods, cream powders, CSL powder and other easily digested ingredients. It releases powerful, water-soluble appetite stimulants in all water temperatures. Very reliable in winter when other baits will stop working! Also contains: 

  • 1kg Live System 15mm Shelf Life Boilies
  • · 20 x 15mm Live System Air Ball Pop Ups
  • · 100ml Live System Bait Dip
  • · 2kg Live System 6mm Pellets
 4. C C Moore Dairy Supreme Booster Liquid (Elite Range) 50ml
This has been made to supply big fish anglers with an intensely concentrated package of attraction in a specialist hookbait system. If you are an angler who wants big results when by the water then this is for you. It is also a highly concentrated version of the matching elite range dairy supreme pop ups and is designed for boosting their attraction still further. 
5. C C Moore Fish Frenzy Instant Spod Mix 2.5kg Bucket
These are designed to take the pain out of making your own spod mix, giving you a quick and easy to prepare mix which guarantees to pull in and hold fish in your baited area. Simply take the mix and add any liquid or additives. Add lake or river water, stir and start spodding.  
We hope you have spotted some C C Moore products that you like! If you have any questions then do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.

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