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Places to visit: Newbridge Fishing Lakes 

Located not too far from our Liverpool Store Newbridge fishing lakes is somewhere we would encourage all Anglers to try out. Fully stocked with Carp – mirror and common, Tench, Bream, F1’s, Barble, Ide and Golden Orf the lakes here will provide a wide scope of fishing opportunities. 

Newbridge Fishing Lakes – Fishing Lakes | Matches

Newbridge provides Anglers with two lakes. First there is the small lake. Primarily this is used more for pleasure fishing and is less heavily stocked than the other lake and is open to anyone. Secondly there is the Big lake. Compared to the small lake this is in fact heavily stocked and the average size of the fish in it is 1.5lb. You can also pleasure fish on this lake but it is where matches are held on so its not always available.  

Newbridge Fishing Lakes – Fishing Lakes | Matches

In terms of the open matches that are held there is one every Wednesday and anyone can take part. Food is also available to be bought when you are taking part as well if you weren't already tempted! You can also book your own matches there and book the whole lake if you would like too. There are varying prices for this so make sure to check their website

Overall at Taskers Angling we feel that this is a great place for all Anglers to try it. These lakes will cater to everyone no matter what their fishing experience is and whether you want to take part competitively or just for pleasure. So head on down to Newbridge Fishing Lakes and and see why we can't get enough of it. 

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