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Places to visit: Barnacre Fishery 


Barnacre Fishery - Home

Barnacre Coarse Fishery is set in a rural location, offering high quality fishing all year round. It is located just outside Greasby on the Wirral, around a 30 minute drive from our Liverpool store

The natural lake located on the private one acre land was extended in 1990 under the guidance of expert fishermen. This has meant there is naturally high food and oxygen as well as great vegetation and a healthy ecosystem. Because of this the lake has been able to sustain high levels of fish meaning that all year round stocks are not lost when the temperatures significantly drop. 

Barnacre Fishery - Contact us

All fish on the site have been grown on-site or stocked from insured fish suppliers with Environment Agency certification. There are over 300 large carp, a huge number and along with this there is Bream over 8lb and Tench, Perch, Roach and Rudd. 

In terms of what else Barnacre fishery offers there is a stunning fishing lodge with all the materials being used to build it being chosen due to their low environmental and carbon impact. The lodge is also self-sufficient for energy, electricity, heating and water.

Barnacre Fishery - Home

If you are looking on planning a coarse fishing trip then Barnacre is ideal due to the three luxury cottages that it boasts. The 250 year old Shippon Barn and the Old Mill Barn are 400m from the lake; Barnacre Green Cottage is just 80m from the lake. To see all prices it is best to check their website

At Taskers Angling we feel that a trip to Barnacre offers its visitors a luxurious fishing experience and a highly rewarding day by the water. If you have any questions about what products will best suit your trip then please visit our store or ring us on 01512606015.