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Fishing Charities: Apple Cast 

Founded in 2006 Apple Cast farm aims to divert young people away from anti social behaviour through their partnership with the youth offending team. They aim to do this through the sport of fishing which is why here at Taskers Angling we can very much get behind this cause. 


The vision of Apple Cast is to offer a safe environment in which young people can achieve through the sport of angling. A lot of the young people who are supported by this organisation face obstacles that prevent them from achieving in education which puts them in danger of being unable to find work once they are older. Through fishing they believe that young people can develop good social skills which helps to grow confidence and belief. 


Angling is highly beneficial in particular for young people who have behavioural or learning difficulties. It is also highly beneficial for younger people who have been bullied or suffered a bereavement amongst other things. The programmes put on are effective in re-engaging with these young people as they raise self-esteem and contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle for those taking part. 


Most people who fish will already know what the main benefits of taking part are. However young people facing difficulties may not. Angling can help maintain focus and assist people in controlling compulsive behaviour. It helps to destress people from tough days that they may have had teaches people how to participate how to relax. All of this is what this organisation wants to teach younger people.


We feel that this is a great cause and one worth getting behind. For more information please do go and visit their website!