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Places to visit: Mere Lane Fisheries


This is a family run business that is located on farmland in the heart of West Lancashire, about a 45 minute drive from our Liverpool store. This Fishery opened back in 2003 with the opening of the Old Course Lake which has proved very popular with older and younger anglers. In 2015 a new silver lakes was opened, best suited to Anglers who want to catch smaller silver fish. One year later the Doughnut Match Lake was opened which is used for pleasure Angling and hosting club matches. 

Specimen Lake

One of the most popular waters Mere Lane Fisheries has to offer is Specimen Lakes, there are 15 pegs, two of which are set aside only for elderly or disabled Anglers. it is well stocked with Mirror and Common Carp ranging from an average of 9lb up to a reported 29lb! There is also other species of fish that can be caught, including Bream, Tench, Roach, Golden Orfe and Perch. You will never know what you are going to catch at this fishery! 


There are rules though that need to be followed when fishing here. Some of the main rules that are listed include unhooking mats needing to be used on the specimen lake, barbless hooks are the only ones that should be used and no rods should be left unattended. For more rules it is best to check their website so you know how to prepare properly before going. It is also best to look there as well for prices as these can depend on which lake you are fishing on. 

At Taskers Angling we feel that this fishery offers Anglers a great variety in a small space. Its extension over the last few years has meant that visitors can catch a lot of different species of fish which should offer a rewarding day out!  

Photos courtesy of Mere Lane Fisheries