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Places to visit: Tarvin Sands Fishery 

Fishing Gallery | Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre

Located just outside of Chester, around a 45 minute drive from our Liverpool Store, Tarvin Sands Fishery is somewhere we would recommend that all of our Anglers try out. 

The Fishery sits on a 30 acre site and boasts 5 coarse fishing lakes which has over 100 pegs on at any given time. In terms of the species of fish that you can expect to catch when you visit this fishery there is 20lb Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Chubb, Pirch and Rudd. If you want to test yourself against other Anglers then there are also open competitions held every Saturday and Tuesday for a fee. 

Fishing Gallery | Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre

There are other facilities on site that can be made the most of, these include toilets, a cafe which serves hot and cold food along with free car parking which offers visitors easy access to the lakes. As ever though there are key rules for Anglers to follow, some of the key ones that will need to be observed include no boilies, no floating baits or bread, free running rigs only and all nets must be dry before fishing. To see the full list of rules head over to their website so you know how best to prepare. 

Overall here at Taskers Angling we feel that this fishery offers all Anglers a challenging but rewarding day out by the water. If you have any questions about which products to best take then please visit our store or call us on 01512606015.

Photos courtesy of Tarvin Sands Fishery