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Get Hooked On Fishing Charity  

At Taskers Angling we highly value the work that different charities do which help to get people into fishing. Get Hooked on Fishing is one such organisation that does this as they provide positive opportunities for young people and communities. 

Get Hooked On Fishing deliver fun and interactive training around the sport of Angling. They aim to help young people and through fishing provide them with confidence that they may not be getting from anywhere else. The work carried out also demonstrates to young people that there are alternative pathways and better opportunities available to them. It's clear to see that those who get involved enjoy it with a quote from one of their participants saying "We don't just go fishing at get hooked, we do many different things, we have fun we learn and we talk about some very serious things."

Another aspect of the work the charity does is to develop peer mentors who help to deliver the sessions. This encourages young people to take an active part in how the local schemes are ran. They work with all young people aged 6 and over and have a proven track-record in delivering social inclusion, improvements in school attendance and educational achievement.

There are ways that you yourself can help to support this wonderful charity. You are able to donate money or you can even become a volunteer, helping out during events or even just lending some help or advice. If you want to become a participant then there are taster events you can take part in. It is best to check their website though to find out more specific information when it comes to these areas. 

We would love to see as many of you as possible support this charity either by donating or even getting involved helping out if you can! Schemes like this our great in getting as many people fishing as possible which is why we are fully behind it.