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Places To Fish: Tetley Angling Silver Birch Fisheries 

In the heart of the Cheshire is this fishery which offers the ultimate Carp fishing experience. Thats why here at Taskers Angling feel it is a fishery you should definitely visit!


They pride themselves on having some of the best Carp you can fish for. This is down to how well the staff manage manage the water and care for the fish. The grounds are very well maintained with all members showing high levels of respect to their surroundings. The welfare of the fish is the top priority and because of this you are unlikely to find a Carp that won't give you a challenge. 

It is not just Carp stocked here though. There is also Perch, Bream, Rudd and Roach available to be caught all at great sizes which suits all visiting coarse Anglers. The pegs which can be fished on are all very well maintained and it is hoped this high quality will lead to some very enjoyable fishing.


Along with this there are two well sized islands. Some of the features on the islands are overhanging trees and shrubs. These provide plenty of opportunity to pit your wits against the many different fish at Silverwood. The grounds also contain lily pads, grass banks, small bushes and tree lines which provide good coverage and camouflage. 

You are able to become a member at this fishery but these can be limited a season. There are also memberships available for overnight fishing, something that we know will appeal to a lot of you! For more information on prices it is best to check their website.


This is a fishery that offers a very high standard of Angling and one we would definitely recommend that you try out. If you have any questions about what gear you should take then please do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.