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Ghost Fishing UK

Making sure that we keep our waters clean and environment friendly is very important! At Taskers Angling we encourage all Anglers we encourage everyone to keep where they fish clean and to have respect for their surroundings. The work that Ghost Fishing UK does goes a long way in making sure this happens. 


They were established in 2015 and their aim is to remove abandoned, lost and discarded fishing gear from the water. Having such things in the water can pose a lethal threat as they can cause entanglement hazards to marine life and too divers as well as polluting the waters. This has a negative knock on affect which impacts the overall global marine ecosystem. Animals are needlessly killed and trapped attracting more fish so if this problem dealt with the vicious cycle will continue.


What Ghost Fishing UK do to try and deal with this is remove this equipment, a difficult task as areas can be difficult to navigate. They also collect data on the ghost gear and if there are in fact any animals also trapped. The data is important part when it comes to providing critical evidence as to what the problems are. Divers are putting themselves in danger as well when untangling equipment or fish as they can easy become stuck and trapped. Because of this teamwork, coordination and discipline all need to be used at the highest level.     

Ghost Fishing UK is made up of volunteers who give up their free time to run the organisation and raise public awareness of the issues. They are actively training new divers on the ghost fishing course and they have regional teams which respond to any issues and who set up local projects to remove it. 


This is a cause we very much support as we want to see are waters be as clean as possible. It is stressed a lot of what they find has not been done on purpose which puts more of an emphasis on us all being careful and doing our bit to protect nature and the environment around us