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Bridge Water Canal

39 miles long the Bridgewater canal offers anglers great scope when it comes to catching fish. Widely considered to be the first true canal in England it was originally constructed to transport the Duke of Bridgewater’s coal from his mine at Worsley, efficiently and cheaply to the rapidly expanding towns and cities nearby. Now though it is primarily used for leisure which is why we are highlighting it as a place to visit. The start is only a couple of miles away from our Liverpool store.

Homepage - Bridgewater Canal

In terms of what visiting Anglers can expect when they go to the canal there is a whole host of species to be caught. These include Rudd, Roach, Carp, Perch, Bream, Tench and Pike. There are three different fishing clubs that are situated on the canal. They are Lymm Anglers, Warrington Anglers association and Leigh and District Anglers. If you are keen to try all areas of the canal then these clubs should offer you the perfect opportunity to be able to do so.


If its not just the fishing that you are thinking of doing then the canal offers a host of other attractions. There are a number of walking routes, in particular one that caught our eye was the towpath. When walking along there you will be able to see see many architectural features which date back many years. Cycling is also popular and the canal company welcomes you to do this. However this is only allowed in certain areas with more information on the Bridgewater canal website 

All in all we feel that is a must visit place for all anglers. Even if it is not the fishing it is a fantastic place to explore and make the most of. 

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