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The Masonic Fishing Charity 


At Taskers Angling we like to support charities and campaigns that brings fishing a lot closer to people. One organisation that does this is the Masonic Fishing Charity whose aim is to bring interactive fishing and a countryside experience to people with special needs. We thought we would bring you some more information about this. 

The charity runs fishing events, both coarse and fly fisheries across different fisheries, inviting people who are at special needs schools or centres, people who have also suffered trauma are invited. This offers a lot more than just a days fishing by the water! It helps participants to gain confidence, meet new challenges and achieve great results to take away with them. Without the charity this may otherwise not be available to them which highlights its overall importance. There are benefits for those who volunteer as well because they are able to get back into their community and give back.  


In terms of some of the things that the charity provides there is fisherman or helper for every participant on a one to one basis. There job will be to try and get the person taking part involved in doing things like casting, retrieving and hooking. Lunch is provided for those who take part and those volunteering. At the end a certificate of achievement is given to all participants, giving a sense of achievement. 

There is no charge put onto participants or the schools and centres that they come from. Money is gathered from volunteer donations or events organised. Money can also be raised through raffles and the sale of merchandise. If you are looking to donate then visit their website to find out how 

We feel that this could prove a highly rewarding experience if you have or know someone who has a disability and is looking for a way to get into Angling. 

Photos courtesy of the Masonic Fishing Charity