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Places To Fish: Moathouse Fisheries 
A family run business, Moathouse Fisheries offers Anglers an enjoyable day out by the water. It is located just outside of St Helens, around a 30 minute drive away from our Liverpool Store making it very local to us. 
At the fishery there is 250 acres of land which is ready for you to come and fish on in a peaceful and relaxing setting, meaning you can enjoy the surroundings as well as the Angling on offer. The fact this tranquil setting offers a good level of escapism from everyday life is a reason why we like it so much. 
There are 3 ponds on the site. The one that has been there the longest is Heron Pond which is stocked with over 3,000 fish. The species that you can expect to find in here include Carp, Barbel and Bream along with many more. Teal Pond is stocked with similar fish but has opened a lot more recently with 27 pegs available to visitors. Finally there is Mallard Pond which is again stocked with the same fish you can expect to find in the other two. 
When visiting Moathouse Fisheries there are rules that need to be observed. Some of the main ones include no night fishing, tins or floating baits are allowed to be used. You are also not allowed to drink alcohol or bring a dog with you. In terms of opening times and prices it is best to check their website for details.
Overall at Taskers Angling we feel that a day out at Moathouse Fisheries will offer all Anglers, no matter their experience a nice relaxing day out by the water. It could definitely be a good place to go with someone who is looking to start Angling! If you have any questions about products you may need to take then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.
Photos courtesy of Moathouse Fisheries