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17 products

    17 products
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    Shorecast Uptide Leads 10oz
    AquaPeado Leads 5oz
    Bo-Peado Leads
    from £3.50
    Shorecast The Pod 5oz
    Shorecast Pyramid Pro 6oz
    Shorecast Pyramid Pro 4.5oz
    Shorecast Medium Tail Beachbomb
    from £2.00
    Shorecast Duck Leads 5oz
    Watch Grip Leads
    from £1.50
    Gemini Double D Fixed Grip Leads
    from £2.00
    LEAD BIG BUTT ULTRA: 6.0oz/170g - taskers-angling
    Breakaway Ultra Big Butt 170g/6oz
    LEAD IMPACT - taskers-angling
    Breakaway Impact Leads
    from £1.70
    LEAD BIG BUTT ULTRA: 5.0oz/150g - taskers-angling
    Breakaway Ulta Big Butt 150g/5oz
    LEAD CONTINENTAL - taskers-angling
    Breakaway Continental Impact Leads
    from £1.50
    LEAD BREAKAWAY STANDARD - taskers-angling
    Breakaway Standard Leads
    from £1.20
    LEAD Gemini Splash Down Glow - taskers-angling
    Gemini Splash Down Glow Leads
    LEAD Gemini Breakout Glow in the Dark - taskers-angling
    Gemini Breakout Glow in the Dark Leads
    from £1.70

    Taskers Angling - Established in 1978. The Northwest's largest supplier of products from  leading brand names such as Nash, Korda, ESP, Shimano, Trakker, Jack Pyke, Thinking Anglers, Ridgemonkey & many more. 

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