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Places To Fish: Meadow View Fishery 

A family run business that offers a great fishing experience and has 30 years worth of Angling knowledge. At Taskers Angling we would highly recommend a trip to Meadow View Fishery as you can enjoy a variety of lakes and can catch a large variety of different species of fish. It is located just outside of Warrington, just under an hour away from our store makes it local to us as well. 


In terms of what Meadow View provides there is both day and night fishing which accommodates individual preference. People of all ages and experience levels are welcome which makes it a great place for anyone to visit no matter of what stage of your angling development is at. 

In terms of what waters there are to fish on you can select from 3 different lakes. First there is Lark lake which is built to cater for the most experienced of anglers. To fish on here you must have good experience of handling fish, in particular larger ones. You must also have the correct equipment to land and protect the larger fish. Other features of this lake are also gravel patches, silty gullies and raised plateaus. There is then Linnet lake which is good for anglers sizing up to the 20lb mark. The final one, Thrush lake is undergoing maintenance work. In terms of what you can expect to catch across the three lakes there is carp, pike, tench, bream and rudd available. 


As ever there are rules to be followed when visiting the fishery. These are in place to safeguard the fish stocks and to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience when visiting. First of all no bikes are to be ridden around the fishery, you need to stay and fish on your allocated peg, all fish must be returned to the water immediately and you must have an unhooking mat and landing net at all times. To see more about the rules it is best to check their website

This is an excellent fishery and we hope that as many of you as possible get to visit! If you have any questions about what equipment is best to take then please do visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.


Photos courtesy of Meadow View Fishery