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Places To Visit: Gingham Fisheries 

Set in the peaceful Lancashire countryside, around an hourse drive away from our Liverpool store is Gingham Fisheries, a great place for Anglers to visit. 

The waters there comprise of an old reservoir lodge with 27-pegs and a smaller 7-peg pond. This makes it suitable to both experienced and less experienced anglers as there are waters which cater well for both. Both waters are stocked with Carp, Bream, Roach, Tench, Ide, Chub, Rudd and Perch. In terms of sizes smaller fish are found in the smaller pond whereas the larger catches are found in the bigger water, the biggest so far being 21lb!

There are rules that need to be observed when visiting this fishery. Some of these rules include anglers only being allowed on the pegs and bank, no dogs, a maximum of 2 rods per angler and no rods are to be left unattended. We all love to take pictures of what we catch and Gingham encourages this but asks that whatever you catch is returned to the water.  

Private matches can be played here by clubs and syndicates, if you are just looking to leisure fish though then you can buy a day ticket. If you want to know opening times and prices then it is best to check their website

We would love to see as many of you as possible visit Gingham Fisheries! At Taskers Angling we love finding new places to fish and we feel this one would provide you with a great day out by the water. If you are planning a visit and need gear to take with you then please visit our store or call us on 01512606015