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Places To Fish: Whitmore Fisheries 

Located outside of Blackpool, around an hours drive away from our Liverpool Store is Whitmore Fisheries. They have been operating since 1998 and cater for Anglers of all different abilities whether you are just starting out or are a heavily experienced one. There are also plenty of pegs for disabled Anglers too. It is an incredibly scenic location as well with a lot to take in which should make the fishing even more enjoyable. 

At the fishery there are 12 lakes that Anglers can choose to fish on. This offers visitors plenty of options for where to Angle. One water that can be fished on is the Club Canal where larger Carp can be found. There is also the Lodge Pool which is reserved only for pleasure fishing with it being located close to the on-site cafe and car park. In addition to these there is the East Lake, accuracy and a steady hand are vital here as the hard fighting Barbel are sure to give you a challenge! 

Like all fisheries there are rules that need to be observed whilst Angling here. Some of these rules include no pets being allowed on the fishery, all litter must be taken home, you can only use barbless hooks and you cannot leave any rods unattended. There is a big emphasis at Whitmore on keeping the area you fish in clean and friendly to the environment. Something we definitely back. If you want to read more about limiting pollution whilst Angling we have a page dedicated towards this. 

At Taskers Angling we feel that a trip to Whitmore Fisheries will offer all anglers, no matter your ability a rewarding day out by the water. If you have any questions about products you may need then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.

Photos courtesy of Whitmore fisheries