Limiting Pollution While Angling

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Whilst we all want to enjoy ourselves out by the water it is important to take some steps in order to make sure we are protecting the wildlife and surroundings. The pollution that is taking place in rivers, lakes and estuaries is having a negative impact on plants and wildlife. As a result it will impact the freshwater species which will impact Anglers. At Taskers Angling we feel it is important to protect the environment which is why we are highlighting this issue.

Work has been done in order to combat this, in particular from the Angling Trust. Some of the ways in which their campaign says we can help to improve this situation is by ensuring that we monitor our waters better, proper enforcement of existing laws and regulations, stricter punishments against those who pollute the waters so they don't do it again and a review of existing laws to help to close loopholes.  

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There are steps that you can take though in order to help the situation. You can sign the Angling Trust's petition which is calling on current laws to be enforced and for our water environment to get the protection that it deserves. In addition you can become an Angling Trust Member with the fee you pay being used in order to help push for change. In general though by picking up litter after yourself and not polluting the waters by throwing rubbish in when out you are helping to make a small difference by keeping your area clean and helping to protect the waters there.

Overall we feel that it is vital to protect against pollution and to keep our waters and the environment around us as clean as possible. 

Photos courtesy of The Angling Trust