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Fishing Charities: Angling Trust  

At Taskers Angling we love to promote organisations that make a difference when it comes to angling. The Angling Trust is one such organisation that tries to make a difference when it comes to fishing. They are a non profit organisation which represent anglers, fight for fish and protect the environment. 


The Angling Trust are a member based organisation made up of anglers from all disciplines providing a front to represent and protect the sport. When becoming a member of the angling trust you are protecting the waterways you fish in and also the fish that live in them ensuring its health and protection for future generations. The Angling Trust encourage people to join them to help them to make this difference. 


If you want to become a member of the angling trust then there are number of ways you can do this. You can join up as an individual which will see you get rewards such as discounts on bait, tackle and other items from top fishing suppliers. Additionally if you run a fishery then there are packages which are designed for you. Your fishery can benefit from joining by being provided with free expert advice and fact sheets on fishery management issues such as predator control, invasive species and health and safety which could be highly beneficial. For more information on membership types it is best to see their website


So what have some of the benefits been already. In 2019-20 37,000 people were helped to get into fishing for the first time. We love to see as many as people as possible get into fishing so love seeing benefits like this! There are also competitions that can be competed in all over the UK. Whether you like to do coarse, game or sea fishing there will be something for you. 


We really appreciate the great work that the Angling Trust does! Hopefully you do as well and if you want you sign up to help support the work that they are doing. 


Photos courtesy of the Angling Trust