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River Mersey Marks

River Mersey Marks

The River Mersey offers some the best sea fishing in the UK- we, as a local shop, are so lucky to be situated on its doorstep! This Blog will show you the fishing marks on the River. 

The River Mersey has the Liverpool side and the Wirral side- its preferable to fish with the wind behind you however with anything under 10mph you can usually manage to fish both sides fairly easily. 
The most popular marks on the Liverpool side are as follows (starting north-south): The River Alt Estuary, Hall Road, Seaforth Rocks, Alexandra Dock & Sandon Knuckle (both of these require membership POLSAF), Mariners Wharf, Jaguar House, Otterspool Prom
The Wirral sides marks are: Perch Rock, Wallasey Town Hall Steps, the Tunnel Vents, Priory Wharf, Eastam Slab. 
I will go into greater detail of the most popular marks in blogs to follow. 

Most of the Marks on the River are easily accessible with the exception of Seaforth Rocks, the Alexandra Dock wall and the Sandon knuckle. Seaforth Rocks can be treacherous and should be fished with someone who knows the area well! The other two marks are on Peels Ports dock estate and can only be accessed if you are a member of POLSAF- contact them if you are interested in obtaining a license. 

In the cold months the most common species are: whiting & cod, other species such as thornback rays, dogfish, dabs & conger will still be present. The warmer months other a greater variety of species including: bass, rays, numerous flat fishing (plaice, sole, flounder and dabs), smooth hound, dogfish, tope plus many more mini species. The Mersey offers something for everyone at all times of year- LRF has become more popular recently, a blog will be done on this solely if you want to give it a go.

The most popular method of fishing on the River is beachcasting- using rods 12ft+ able to cast 5oz+ and large reels. The Mersey has one of the strongest tides in the world and heavy gripper leads must be used to hold bottom. Rigs should be kept basic to start flappers with size 2 hooks and Pulley Pennels with 2/0 plus can be used to target every fish in the River. A blog will follow about the different Sea Rigs available. Black Lug Worm is the most popular available fresh or frozen and easy to use- I’d recommend bait elastic and watch a YouTube video for the best way to bait it, I will do a blog going into greater detail on sea baits and how to use them. Squid, sandeel, bluey, mackerel and peeler crab are also very popular baits and all have there use when fishing on the Mersey. 

If you have any questions about how to get started or about any of the marks don’t hesitate to get in touch with us- keep and eye out for blogs to follow, which will go into greater detail about the Marks, Species, Set-ups, Bait, Rigs, Tide State, Season, Weather... 

If you wish to see what sea gear we have in click this link.

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