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Places to visit: Clear Water Fisheries 

Clear Water fisheries is a relatively new location that Anglers can try their luck at having opened back in 2016 to the public. It is located in Lancashire which is around a 2 hour drive from our Liverpool store but should make for a good trip out if you are local and want to try someplace new. You will be able to try and catch a whole host of different species on their waters, including carp and coarse. 

Clear Water Fisheries | Clear Water Fisheries

In terms of what you can expect at the Fisherie you will be greeted by a peaceful and scenic setting that should help to make a great angling experience. Clear Water also has a number of other exciting features that you can take part in. First of all they cater for overnight Carp fishing, something that anglers who really want to challenge themselves can take part in. If you want to find out more on night fishing then we have a page dedicated to helping guide you on how to prepare for it. Also if you like to fish competitively then the fisherie does offer matches for you to take part in. 

Clear Water Fisheries | Clear Water Fisheries

There are 5 different lakes that can be used at Clear Water. One lake that can be used is Keer Lake. This is well stocked and in fact had 3 fish that broke the 40lb barrier on 2018. It predominantly holds Carp but has other species of fish in there as well. Another lake that the fisherie has is Kellet Lake. Again this mostly features Carp and has even been recently extended in order to get extra stock into the water. For more information on prices and opening times it is best to check their website.   

At Taskers Angling we feel that Clear Water Fisheries will provide all Anglers ,no matter their experience with a fun day out that they can enjoy. We hope that you can get up there and start getting those big catches in as we want to get as many of you fishing as we possibly can! 

Photos courtesy of Clear Water Fisheries