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Places To Fish: Hillside Fishery 

Located just outside of Burnley Hillside Fishery is a complex that has five lakes. Three of these lakes are original and there are two that have recently been added, these two new ones are Bert's Pool which is a Specimen Carp Lake and The Doughnut which is a match lake. At Taskers Angling we feel this is somewhere that should be visited. 

One of the original lakes that was there is Bankside. In terms of size it is one and a half acres in size. Other features of the lake include over hanging trees and lily pads which help to provide a scenic element. In terms of what fish you can expect to find in the lake there is Bream, Tench, Chub, Roach, Perch and Carp, plenty for Anglers to get stuck into. 

Hillside Fishery

Next and one of the biggest ponds on the complex is Hawthorne which is a runswater. You can bring your bivvy to this lake and to gate one of the biggest carps caught was a 23lb Carp! The same species of fish mentioned earlier can also be found on this lake.

Like all fisheries there are rules that visitors will need to follow. Hillside puts a big emphasis on treating fish with respect and to handle them with care. They also have the right to check your vehicle at anytime due to previous attempts to steal fish. We respect this strong stance though as we do believe fish should be treated properly when people are Angling. 

We definitely feel this a place Anglers should consider visiting. If you have any questions about products would be best to take then please visit our Liverpool Store or ring us on 01512606015.