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Fishing For Schools 

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At Taskers Angling we want to see as many people get into fishing as possible! We are fully behind any campaign or initiative that does this which is why when we saw Fishing For Schools we felt we had to bring it to your attention. 

Fishing For Schools began in 2007 and it offers young people the opportunity to get into fishing and to discover the enjoyment it can bring to them. It was developed by the world renowned fly fisherman Charles Jardine. He identified that Angling can go some way in enriching a young persons learning and that it is a good way to get them out of the classroom and into the countryside which develops confidence and teaches brand new skills. 


At the start the original concept was to help children with learning difficulties but as of 2012 mainstream schools were asked to get involved with this project. This was to make sure children who come from all backgrounds and upbringings feel included in what is going on. As of today their programme includes primary and comprehensive schools, special education schools and pupil referral units. They also work with inner city schools were access to the countryside can be limited. All of this work means that young people are being being supported whether that be if they have barriers to learning in their way, low self-esteem or fear of failure. The work also supports what is being done in the mental health sector. 

If you feel you want to support this programme then there are ways that you can. Firstly you can donate money in a number of ways such as to a specific area or school, companies can donate and also you can leave a donation in your will. Alternatively you can give your time by becoming a patron of the charity. As part of this you will be supporting the vital work being carried out and delivering valuable learning experiences for the many children who take part. If you are interested in this or donating then it is best to check their website to find out more. 

We feel that this programme proves highly rewarding to the young people who take part and that it sets them up not just with Angling skills, but skills that can serve them well in a lot of different areas of life!  

Photos courtesy of Fishing For Schools