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Places To Fish: Lingmere Fishery 


This is the Wirral's premier Coarse fishery and somewhere that we at Taskers Angling would recommend that you try out. 

Lingmere Fishery has two lakes available for fishing. The pleasure lake is open 7 days a week for ticket fishing. The match lake is then open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for matches but can also be used for pleasure fishing on selected days. What makes this fishery very inclusive as well is the fact that they put on over 55's and disables costcutter matches, something that we feel is brilliant when it comes to trying to get as many people to fish as possible. For more information on dates and prices it is best to check their website. 

Lingmere Fishery - The Lakes

As already mentioned there is a match lake on the sight. It has an island that offers shelter for the fish and there are 32 evenly spaced pegs, all available with consistent depth. In terms of what kind of fish this lake stocks there is Carp in the 1lb to 15lb range, Barbel up to 8lb and Tench, Bream and Chub. In terms of the pleasure lake this is great for beginners and experts alike with depths of up to 6ft. The same species of fish is near enough used for this lake as well so there is a great chance you will land some big catches!

Like all fisheries there are rules that visiting Anglers will need to follow. Some of these rules include no night fishing, no fish to be taken away, no rods to be left unattended and all fish need to be landed with a landing net. 

We hope to see as many of you as possible paying a visit to Lingmere Fisheries! This is right on our doorstep and an all round great place to fish. If you have any questions about products you are thinking of taking then please do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.