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Places to fish: Wrightington Fisheries

This fishery is located outside of Wigan, around a 45 minuted drive from our Liverpool Store. Wrightington offers both experienced Anglers and beginners a great day out by the water. At the venue there are 3 lakes in total which are well stocked with Carp, Roach, Rudd, Tench and Bream. Carp fish tend to be the largest on the lake with some exceeding 20lbs. The sizes of the other species mentioned tend to range from 2-7lbs.  

The first lake on the site is Horseshoe lake. it has a total of 19 pegs with two set aside especially for elderly and disabled Anglers. This lake is used mostly for leisure. Next there is Rivington View with 30 pegs and several set aside for elderly and disabled anglers, some matches are played here. Finally there is The Canal. This has 20 pegs all of which are available to elderly and disabled Anglers and can be fished on for leisure of there are no matches booked. 

Some of the best baits that are recommended to be used there are feeder with worms, maggots or sweetcorn. This is to entice the larger carp which we are sure you will be all hoping to catch!

All in all we feel that Wrightington fisheries offers Anglers a solid day out by the water, we also feel it could be a great place for Anglers starting out to go and practice and learn new techniques to be applied by the water, this can also apply to more seasoned Anglers who may just fancy a nice chilled day by the water. If you have any questions about what products are best suited if you are planning a trip then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.