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The British Disabled Angling Association


Founded in 1996 the British Disabled Angling Association (BDAA) is a charity that provides support, information and services to disabled people, their families, fishery owners, clubs and retailers in order to disabled and non-disabled people into Angling. At Taskers Angling we champion the work this association does which is why we thought we would bring you some more information about them.   

The association is made up of volunteer trustees. The projects that they carry out include improving access to facilities, disability awareness, getting specialist equipment and overall making sure people feel included in the sport. They have seen good progress made in this area. For over 20 years the charity has evolved greatly into one of the leading disability Angling charities in the UK.

British Disabled Angling Association Latest News Articles

When looking at some of the work they have carried out, in particular when it comes to helping people access angling. They have raised funds which have gone towards producing books which provide advice to fisheries on ways in which they can make their facilities more accessible to disabled anglers. In addition to this when it comes to their work in providing more adaptive equipment they consulted a specialist education college in Birmingham. This helped them to identify what Angling equipment would need modifying to make the sport more accessible and find solutions to any potential issues. 

If you feel you would like to donate to the DDAA then you can and the money will be used towards helping people with disabilities have a memorable fishing experience. It is best to check their website for more specific instructions on how to do this. 

We definitely feel that this is an excellent cause and one that full deserves our backing!

Photos courtesy of The British Disabled Angling Association