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Anglers Against Cancer 


Sport of any kind can make a big difference to someone fighting an illness and to their families. At Taskers Angling we very much believe fishing can help you deal with issues such as these and that is why when we saw Anglers Against Cancer we had to bring it to your attention. 


They are a fundraising group whose aim is to raise money for various cancer charities and also to bring attention to symptoms that can be missed in the early stages. They believe that by uniting together against cancer and through Angling together a big difference can be made.


Meet the Team Behind Anglers Against Cancer - Anglers Against Cancer


Events are hosted in order to raise money for cancer charities. In September 2022 they will be hosting their main event of the year at the Linear Fisheries down in Oxford. If you would like to go down and help show your support for a great cause we would highly encourage you to do so. It is best to check their website for up to date times and prices. 


If you are unable to attend events you are still able to donate with all money going towards charity. You can also purchase their very own merchandise which will help go towards raising money as well. We definitely feel this is a cause well worth getting behind and showing a lot of support for! 


Photos Courtesy of Anglers Against Cancer