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Places to fish: Arden Lakes

If you are looking to drive out somewhere to angle then Arden Lakes could be the place for you. It is located over two hours away from our Liverpool store and is is great to fish at in the cold and warmer months due to its big mix of species.


There are six lakes that you are able to fish on here. First there is Alistair's bridge, you are able to fish from decking platforms with those having some shelter from the wind being the most popular for visitors. Anglers who use a pole tend to do very well but more traditional waggler fishing and feeders cast across to the island can also be very productive.

Photo of Alistair bridge

There is then Archer's Pool, the biggest fish you can expect to catch in here are the carp. There is also large bream, roach and perch which can be caught in this pool. Fox's pool is the smallest lake but it is one of the easiest waters to fish on making it one of the most popular. Club matches are also hosted there in the summer. For more information on the other waters visit their website.


As ever there are rules and guidelines that need to be followed when visiting this fishery. Some of these rules include no keep nets, two rods maximum per angler, barbless hooks only, no barbecues and you must take litter with you and not leave it. It's very important to treat the fish with care and to also respect the environment. For more rules so you know how best to prepare again visit their website.   

Photo of Archer's Pool 

It would be great if as many of you as possible could visit Arden lakes! If you live local to us then it could be a great place to drive down to and to make the most of for a day. For any questions about what gear you may need then visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.