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Places to fish: Field Farm Fisheries 


Located outside Sandbach, over an hours drive away from our Liverpool store is Field Farm Fisheries. This is a great place to fish due to the fact it caters to all different types of anglers. No matter what your taste of fishing is, carp, catfish or perch there is something here for you.   


There are five different waters that you are able to fish on at field farm. When looking at what some of these are first there is Far Hope Pool which is good for pleasure and match anglers. It is stocked with plenty of big carp (15lb) amongst other species as well. Good baits to use here are meat and corn. There is then Big Beam Pool. At nearly 2 acres it is the largest pool on the sight and has been built with match and pole fishing in mind. It can accommodate both small and large matches. The last water being focused on is Kingfisher Pool. This is perfect all year round and is stocked with high quality crucians and tench. 


There are rules that visiting anglers do need to follow so that everyone enjoys themselves and to make sure the fishery is treated with respect. Making sure as well the fish are not ill-treated and that the quality is still there is a priority. First of all you can only use barbless hooks, no keep nets are to be used, you can only fish from the stands provided and no alcohol is to be drank. For more about rules it is best to visit their website. 


We hope that as many of you get the chance to visit Field Farm Fisheries as possible. If you have any questions then do visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.