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Daiwa Bigaloo Shelter 

The newer version of the infamous Ian Gold’s Igloo, the Bigaloo is bigger and better! With an area of 2.5sqm, it increases the ground room, creating increased comfort. Great for two people or lots of gear. In addition, it is slightly taller so has more headspace. The added feature of the door allows for greater protection during those wintry nights. It is easy to put up, and like the igloo, it is bound to be a winner! The door flap attaches to an extra pole you pull across the front, so you can fish it completely enclosed or with a gap to peak out of a great idea! It will take a 6ft man stood up is 7ft wide and 6.6″ Deep, this can be altered by moving the side legs out but will reduce the height a bit. This Shelter lays flat on the ground before erecting, making it exceptionally easy to put up, even in high winds! Anglers can sit on their tackle box and still have plenty of headroom… even when wearing a headlamp! Velcro straps to hold spare rods when fishing. You can even stand up in it! Full-width doors. With enough room for a tall person to lay down and have plenty of room to spare. Set to be a top seller for the 2020/21 winter session


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