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5 On Sale Unhooking Mats You Can Buy Now

5 On Sale Unhooking Mats You Can Buy Now

Having a reliable unhooking mat is an essential piece of gear that all anglers should own. They are very important when it comes to keeping fish safe when you catch one so we can't stress enough how important it is to own one. Currently at Taskers Angling we have some very reliable mats on sale which we though we would share with you. 


1. Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat 


This is a compact, three-part, folding design. It has built in retention straps and is also quite lightweight. Perfect for a roving angler who will be moving around on their trips to the water. 


2. Browning Black Magic® Unhooking Mat/Cushion


Waterproof and fish-friendly this unhooking mat is very practical. It folds away with the help of clips. In addition to this it can become a practical waterproof cushion for the seat box when sitting by the bank.   


3. NGT Session Beanie Unhooking Mat


Designed for a shorter carping/specimen session. It is also very good quality and lightweight which makes it very easy to move around. 


4. Prologic Avenger Roll Up/Flat Unhooking Mat 95cm x 20cm


Again great for roving anglers and it is lightweight and extremely compact. Also great if you are targeting smaller Carp and specimen species. Camo fish friendly material also covers the mattress. 


5. Nash Tackle Beanie Mat


Offers no nonsense Carp protection. Combines a high density foam base and beanie padded sides. When folded it is also a great way to carry bansticks, waterproofs and other items. One to consider. 


We hope you have seen a mate you would like to purchase! All are on sale and at some of the best prices you are likely to find! If you need more information on any of these products then please visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.



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