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Best Stocking Fillers This Christmas

Best Stocking Fillers This Christmas

If you are looking for something to fill those stockings then do not worry because at Taskers Angling we have got you covered! In this blog we will be showing you some really great products that you can use to fill up those stockings for your loved ones who will be by the water this Christmas and in 2022. 


1. Trakker Armolife Marble Sandwich Toaster


This could be the perfect gift if you are buying for someone who spends a lot of time Angling. It is pretty simple to use as well so you don't need to be a professional chef to work it! It has heat-resistant locking handles and a professional-grade non-stick coating, making this a must have cooking accessory, allowing you to cook a wide variety of delicious food with ease. Something that can be used all year round as well! 


2. Prologic Fold-Up Knit Beanie - Rifle Green


Another really handy gift to get for someone this Christmas! This is a classic beanie which can be used for all different weather conditions! 100% acrylic and it is a stretchy knit fabric which helps to make it a comfortable fit. Definitely one we would recommend to help fill up those stockings. 


3. Madcat Thermo Mug 


Hot drinks are a great way to stay warm when Angling. This thermo mug will keep your drinks hot or, if you'd prefer cold depending on what you take with you. It's high insulation makes it very dependable as well and a mug you can trust. A dependable product which could make a great gift! 


4. Madcat Pro Gloves


Gloves are something all Anglers need particularly at this time of the year! This is not just to keep your hands warm but can protect you from getting hurt by sharp objects you may be handling. It is made out of soft yet tear-resistant shell fabric of 100% polyester micro fiber, Ottoman weave, for upper hand. It is extremely hard-core and has durable cut-resistant fabric on the inside palm  


5. Savage Gear Fleece Balaclava Black/Grey


Another really good gift idea. One size fits all as well and it will protect you from the wind and rain. it is also double layered for extra warmth! A great gift idea 


We hope this blog has helped you get some ideas as to what you can fill those stockings with. If you have any further questions about what products you need then please visit our Liverpool Store or ring us on 01512606015.








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