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Carp rods to set you up for good spring fishing

Carp rods to set you up for good spring fishing

Finally we are in March which means we can start counting the days until we can get out spring fishing. For many anglers this will be the first time they have been out fishing since before winter so a refreshing of gear may be needed. Carp is a species a lot of you will be targeting so at Taskers Angling we thought we would share some of our best carp rods with you. 


1. Nash Dwarf Cork 3lb Rods


This brings a short packdown performance to every situation. This is thanks to the addition of a 6ft 1lb model for stalking, freelining and margin fishing plus a 2.75lb model for smaller venues and shorter range work. There is also a dwarf cork which helps to suit everyone.

2. Prologic C.O.M Raw Carp Rods
New and improved version of our world famous C.O.M. carp rod range. The latest developed components and a new blank have been used to create an even more reliable and performing rod. Other key features include: 
  • 24T High Modulus Carbon
  • DPS reel seat
  • Sure Grip handle “urban camo”


3. Sonik Xtractor 6ft 3lb


Provides an affordable, top-quality rod which is easy to transport due to their packdown length. The super-slim matt black, part-telescopic carbon fibre blanks have plenty of reserve power in the butt section and a fast tip recovery to give surprising performance whether casting or playing large fish close in or at range. This is also ideally matched with the custom sonik xtractor rod sleeves which can be easily connected for safe, effective transportation. 


4. Sonik VaderX RS S+M Hybrid 12ft


A evolved and refined version of the award winning VADERX carp rods, complete with a sleek black armoured blank finish. The guides are updated to super light M-series which gives the rod tip great recovery speed for crisp and accurate casting. Still retains though the elegant VADERX look with a subtle red tipping that adds a touch of class. 


5. NGT Carp Stalker Rod 8ft Camo


One of the best selling rods now available in camo! Ideal when using stalking tactics on carp. Is also supplied in a cloth bag. Other features include: 

  • Carp stalker pieces 
  • 2 feet length 
  • 2.4m test curve 
  • fibreglass colour 


We hope that you have seen a rod that will set you up well for carp fishing this spring! Remember if you have any questions about any of our rods then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.









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