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Christmas Gift Ideas For Predator Anglers

Christmas Gift Ideas For Predator Anglers

Knowing what Christmas gifts for a certain Angler can be hard, including when it comes to predator Anglers. That's why we have put together some gift ideas for you to consider for that special predator Angler you know. 


1. Savage Gear Deep Throat Hookout 


These are great for removing lures from even the most deeply hooked fish. These are great bait lures and bait rigs. It is even supplied in a nice pouch with zinger which you should never leave home without. This is a great gift idea to consider 


2. DAM Yagi Spin Rods 12-42g


The next generation of DAM rods are one to be considered! All blanks have been reworked to improve the already fast action and the sensitivity of these rods. One of the most significant changes are the much lighter K-guides that will come with all models. This new DAM rod offers a much better product in all points whether that be its design or its action. 


3. Berkley X9 Braid 300m Crystal
This offers an extremely smooth and strong line Designed for optimal strength and casting distance. It is extremely round and smoothly flows through guides for increased casting distance. Its high strand construction also enhances wear resistance for fishing over rugged structure and provides higher knot strength. A very handy gift for any predator Angler 
4. Savage Gear 3D Snake
Based on a scan of a real snake. The perfect baby snake imitation, with the most realistic swimming topwater action.  The lure swims with a wide S action either on the surface or just below, depending on where you attached the line to the lure. Definitely one to consider! 
5. Fox Rage Shoulder Bag
This shoulder bag is a slightly scaled down version of the Large Shoulder Bag. It offers three tackle boxes which makes it perfect for medium and smaller size lures and also a mobile approach which covers water. 
We hope some of these ideas will help you get some great Christmas gifts for your friends and loved ones. If you have any questions then please do visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.










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