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Fishing For Forces

Fishing For Forces


At Taskers Angling we are always on the look out for charities or initiatives that we feel give back to communities and indeed to the sport of Angling itself. Fishing For Forces is one we can definitely get behind which is why we thought we would bring it to your attention.

The aim of Fishing For Forces is to provide a days fishing for those returning from operational duty. This can either be part of a group day out at a local fishery or just with a local fisherman. The idea is that it helps ease you back into normal life with lifetime support should they take up the sport. All servicemen and woman from the Navy, Army or Air Force who have been impacted by conflict are able to take part, even if you served as far back as WWII.  

A Christmas Message from Bill Howell, Founder – Fishing for Forces

If you feel as if you would like to help Fishing For Forces then there are ways in which you can. You can donate money so that days out can be paid for or you can donate equipment that can be used, equipment does need to be in good working condition though. In addition to this you can also become a mentor, spending time with servicemen and woman and teaching them how to fish. Any of these three ways to help would be highly valued, to find out how to do this it is best to visit their website.  

We definitely feel this is an organisation that does great work in bringing angling to people who can benefit from it. We want to get as many people fishing as possible no matter what their background is or what they have been through in the past. So do go and read more about Fishing For Forces and please donate if you can!


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