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Get ready for river fishing season with this gear

Get ready for river fishing season with this gear

River fishing season is finally here! We are as excited as you are and because of this we thought we would show off some of our best river fishing gear to you. Read through our blog to see if anything jumps out at you.


1. Sonik Specialist Barbel Rod 12ft 2.00lb


A great rod which will suit the needs of the adaptable modern big fish angler. The rods come complete with isotope inserts, tough rod guides and slim cork handles. They have been carefully engineered to be light and well balanced which will control the lunges of the strongest fish. Other key features include: 

  • High modulus carbon blanks
  • Powerful butt sections with sensitive tip
  • Screw winch reel seat
  • Low profile SIC lined rings suitable for braid and mono


2. Korda Dark Matter Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves


These are finely tapered sleeves which help to push your rig away from the lead when it lands on the lake bed which ensures your hooklink lies straight and flat on the bottom for perfect presentation. These sleeves have also been impregnated with high levels of tungsten to really nail you rig to the deck which negates the effect of any air bubbles which may have become trapped in the sleeve. 


3. Drennan Specialist Rucksack


Made from a tough and durable 600 denier fabric with a reinforced waterproof base. The bag has three external zipped pockets, along with a foil-lined top compartment which is ideal for storing bait and other items of tackle. 


For extra comfort the back and shoulder straps are also padded and shaped to ensure maximum comfort whilst walking to and from your fishing destination. The bag also features a carry handle and extendable carry straps on the top of the bag to hold items such as waterproof jackets. 


4. Sonubaits Hemp & Hali Crush 2kg


This bait has been designed for river barbel and is a blend of crushed hemp and halibut pellets which have been coarsely grounded together to create a mix which is perfect for cage feeder, mesh feeder and river feeder. It also creates a great base for PVA stick mix or a sloppy spod mix. 


The ground hemp produces a very light oil which is released immediately, even in the colder weather. Halibut pellets are released at a slower rate and keeps pumping out of the pellets as the water flows over them drawing fish to the feeder for a prolonged period of time. This bait is also very easy to mix as well. 


5. Dynamite Baits River Hookbaits Shrimp&Krill Busters


Made for targeting specimen barbel. They are an easy to hair rig with no need to drill them, yet remain hard enough to last the attention of a small nuisance fish. It features a slow breakdown, real food recipe which is high in feed and attraction. It is perfect to use as a high attract hookbait on its own. 


We hope you have seen some great river fishing gear that you want to get your hands on. If you have any questions then please visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.

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