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Great Ridgemonkey gear you can get now

Great Ridgemonkey gear you can get now

Here at Taskers Angling we take our stock from some of the best fishing companies around. Ridgemonkey is one of those who we take plenty of great gear from. We thought we would show off some of this to you in this blog. 


1. RidgeMonkey Square Kettle


This kettle has a unique, cubed design and is also very lightweight. It also features a lager area for increased efficiency which ensures you get those hot drinks by the water quicker than you would compared to other kettles. The cool touch handle means that you can grad the kettle straight off the stove as soon as it comes to boil. 


It is also designed to pack away neatly into a rucksack. It is available to buy in two sizes, the smaller being ideal for lone anglers going for a short session and the larger being better for a day session with friends. 


2. RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus


The multi lite plus is perhaps the most adaptable and flexible light in the range. It has two beams. First there is the casting light which is similar to a torch in design. The casting light is an alternative to a head torch and comes fitted with a banstick attachment, meaning you can point the light in the direction of your chosen spot allowing you to check if the rig is in the right place. 


This product comes supplied with a light diffuser which clips onto the base of the light which also makes it great for helping to taker pictures of those big catches! One of the beam settings is a lantern function, perfect for lighting your bivvy for when you just want to kick back and relax. You can adjust the brightness of this and change the colours to either white, green or red.  


3. Ridgemonkey Armoury Tackle box


This tackle box will help you keep well organised for your trips to the water. A well organised tackle box is key for any angler to have real success by the water. This ridgemonkey one has a huge 29 compartments of varying sizes. There are three seperate rig boards and an efficiency spacious single unit design.


The Ridgemonkey Armoury design tackle box is perfect for anyone who wants to protect, store and transport all of their valuable end tackle, tools and rigs in a single high quality box that is complete and ready to use without any further add-ons. 


4. RidgeMonkey Hunter 750 Rucksack


Features a central main compartment which will snugly fit most items, and a large side pocket running the full length on one side, perfect for taking small batteries and other items of that nature.


There is a pair of smaller pouches on other side for taking any smaller items. It is made from super tough 1680D material and with a waterproof EVA base. It is also fitted with a pair of comfortable padded carry straps. 


5. RidgeMonkey Escape XF1 Compact 1 man Bivvy


This is one of the smaller bivvy's that Ridgemonkey offers and is perfect for anglers who prefer a minimalistic shelter that can squeeze into the tightest of spaces. It features a removable PVC groundsheet, flysheet and front panel. Overall this bivvy can be as basic or luxurious as you want it to be depending on what you want. 


We hope you have seen some Ridgemonkey gear that you like! If you do have any questions about anything you have seen though then do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.

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